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The village of  Roque-Gageac is considered as one of the most beautiful villages of France. Of an almost completed homogeneity. Its beautiful houses in the brown roofs squeeze up between river and cliffs. The bishops of Sarlat, who posseded a very safe taste, had, naturally, a second home there (very troglodytic that we can visit). Roque-Gageac is in 8km in the South of Sarlat. (See the map: click here)

To make:

The village :

Make a commitment in the street which leaves the post office and let invade you by the beauty of places. Next to the shy church of the 15th century sculptured in the rock, blooms a tropical garden. This exotic garden is on free visit all year, you will find banana trees, lemon trees, pomegranate trees there, etc... From there leave seeing the troglodytic fort, in renovation since 1992 and admire the Dordogne panorama.

Two curiosities to the Roque (which do not visit):

- The manor house of Tarde, delicious périgourdine, recognizable small manor house in its elegant turret, accommodated the family Tarde, famous thanks to Jean, chaplain of Henri IV and Galilee friend.

manoir de Tarde

- The castle of Malartrie, in the entrance of the village by coming from Beynac, who dates the 19th century but built in XVth style respecting the local architecture, it was built for certain Saint-Aulaire, France ambassador.

Between the castle and the village, a building of the 16th century, austere, was of use as place of about forty to plague-stricken.

Stroll in lighter: Balade en gabare :

You can take a boat (the gabarde) along the Dordogne (the river hope) to discover 5 of the most beautiful castles of the valley.


This site was populated from the prehistory and the abundance of cut stones found in fields and gardens shows it.

The Gallo-Roman period and the "Pax Roman" allow a wide populating of flat slopes east of the village, with a Roman way. But from the years 850, the insecurity, owed in particular to the raids of the Norman longships, incites the population to strengthen and to shelter in the site protected between cliff and river.

The One hundred years war, then the religious wars make of Roque-Gageac, an important, impregnable and very populated fortified town. Of this period date the biggest part of the current structure of the village, with its troglodytic forts and the tracks of the Castle of the Sarlat Bishops.

The time Renaissance which is going to follow embellishes it of beautiful houses, as the Manor house of Tarde which always dominates the heart of the village.

The canal transport plays an important role with a very active commercial traffic of gabares (traditional boats profoundly flat), as well as the fishing in this full of fish river, and this till the beginning of the 20th century.

chateau de la Malartrie




manoir de Tarde

vers le fort troglodytique

jardin tropical

 The Black Périgord